19 Jan 2022
In this Q&A episode, we answer the most asked questions we’ve compiled from first home buyers. We cover buying rental properties, property grades, finding the right local solicitors & inspectors, and other general topics you can surely learn from.
12 Jan 2022
Today, we’re going to talk about Veronica’s journey on her first property renovation: the things she did right, the ones she did wrong, and how you can learn from her experience. We also discuss which factors you need to consider before purchasing a house, funding mistakes to avoid, and more valuable property lessons!
5 Jan 2022
Today, Veronica interviews co-host Meighan and guest Jarrod McCabe of Wakelin Advisory to dive deep into what you should expect in the three biggest property markets in Australia. We cover the relocation trend in Queensland, clearance rates, auction campaigns, and more!
29 Dec 2021
Today, we cover the data and factors that investors often overlook. From median price growth ‘top 10 lists’, buyer behaviour, to the socioeconomics of an area, we tackle a number of factors that can help you decide where you want to buy (and what data to be wary of)!
22 Dec 2021
Former Home Buyer Academy student Anthony lets us take a peek into his property journey, sharing how he was able to save a lot for a deposit, his property misses and how he worked around them, how he worked out the price to pay for his property and more!
15 Dec 2021
Today, data guy and host of Walk the World Martin North talks about the world of data analytics and the importance of data-based decisions. There’s a lot to unpack so let’s get into it!
8 Dec 2021
We’re joined by Barry Frakes of Australian Family Lawyers as we uncover what needs to be discussed when it comes to borrowing from the bank of mum and dad, from setting up a good agreement, preventing family frictions in case something goes wrong, and what to do if it does happen.
1 Dec 2021
Rebeka Morgan of BuildHer Collective shares her expert intel on what to look for when buying to renovate. We’re going to learn some of the secrets to getting a renovation right, understanding what to look for, knowing the pitfalls to avoid and heaps more!
24 Nov 2021
Amanda Farmer of Your Strata Property shares her expertise in strata & community titles law. We talk about why you must start with records inspection before buying, the 4 steps she takes for a successful strata records inspection, a brief look at the 101s and much more!
17 Nov 2021
We’re joined by two first home buyers who found their passion for property after buying their first home. They share the lessons they learned, mistakes they’ve made along the way, and whether or not they’d do everything the same way all over again.
10 Nov 2021
The property market is all about supply and demand, so if there are heaps of buyers and not enough properties on the market, prices will rise, and vice-versa. Today, we’re going to look at what factors drive property prices up and what makes them fall.
3 Nov 2021
Today, we’re covering the “70-30” rule, Socioeconomics, vacancy rates and more. Let’s cut the BS and talk about the real story behind investment drivers and what you truly should be focusing on when looking to buy an investment property.
27 Oct 2021
Learn more about the stepping stone strategy at its core, how dangerous it is to follow bad advice, how to minimise risk in property (and the best way to do so) and more!
20 Oct 2021
Today, we’re going to follow the path of one of our students as he shares the lessons he learnt through his first home buyer journey - from his cautious beginnings, to working with different brokers, right up to a hair raising auction!
13 Oct 2021
Join us as we tackle six lessons we wish we knew before signing those papers, from knowing “who’s who in the zoo” to what you should be aware of when preparing to buy your next property!
6 Oct 2021
It’s really important to understand what makes A, B, and C grade properties so today, we unpack what you need to know to make the right purchase and avoid owning an underperformer!
29 Sep 2021
We receive lots of questions through Facebook, our website and from our members. So today, we are sharing a few of those questions - and providing answers - because if one person has asked, then we know there are others who will have similar questions!
30 Sep 2021
Since we at Home Buyer Academy are on the mission to help first home buyers get onto the property ladder the right way, efficiently, we've compiled a list of five property podcasts we know will truly help you out!
22 Sep 2021
Today, we’re going to address the age old question - should I buy a house or an apartment? We’ll be listing down the pros and cons for each and explain why they may or may not be beneficial as a first-time purchase.
15 Sep 2021
Let’s take a look at online property auctions! Today, we’re talking about the path online auctions were expected to take (and if any of it became a reality), the challenges buyers agents face, how different online auctions are in comparison to the traditional setup and much, much more.
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